What are my options when one of my teeth goes missing?

There are many ways to replace missing teeth, including bridges, partial or complete dentures, and implants. Dental implants have great advantages in that they resemble natural teeth and are quite comfortable. The implant is an anchor that’s made of titanium metal to which the artificial tooth is attached. That anchor is in essence an artificial root, which gets inserted into the jawbone.

Not everyone however is a candidate for dental implants. Many factors your dentist would need to assess to determine if you are suitable for the implants. Few of those factors include good general health, having healthy gums and enough bone in the jaw to hold the implant.

In addition to improved appearance and comfort, dental implants provide improved speech. Unlike poorly fitted dentures where the teeth can slip, the dental implants allow the patient to speak without worrying about any slippage. Since they also resemble natural teeth, they are typically the most aesthetically pleasing and most comfortable. One other advantage your dentist might also discuss with you is that implants do not require the reduction or alternation of nearby teeth to have them placed. This allows for easier access between teeth and thus improved oral hygiene.

Just like all procedures, there is always an element of risk of failure or things going wrong. However, studies have shown that a well integrated implant can have long term success rates of 93 to 98 percent for the fixture and ten to fifteen year lifespans for the prosthetic teeth. So if you ever lose a tooth a dental implant might just be the best treatment for you to restore your smile!

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