Don't Let the Pandemic Keep You Away From the Dentist

April 2021 / DENTISTRY

When the COVID-19 pandemic began and stay at home orders were issued in March, 2020, dental offices were forced to close. During this time, most people stayed in their homes and avoided visiting others, including healthcare professionals like dentists. The months that offices remained closed gave health care experts better understanding of the virus and how it spreads. As a result, dentists were able to make investments in additional safety measures that included improvements to their equipment, protective equipment and air filtration in order to provide a safe environment for their patients. The Canadian dentist understands the importance of regular dental care as part of a person’s overall health, and are pleased to be back up and running, providing dental care in a safe way during the pandemic.

Now that dental offices are open and operating under strict safety measures, it’s very important to make an appointment to visit your dentist so they can check on the health of your gums. Gingivitis is a common condition in the gums, and it’s also the disease that comes before periodontal disease. If your gums are red or swollen you might have gingivitis, but if you find out early and follow the advice of your dentist or hygienist, there is a good chance you can reverse the gingivitis and get your gums back to their natural, healthy state.

Diseases in the gums and bones inside the mouth are referred to as periodontal disease, which can develop if gingivitis is left untreated for long periods. Since this disease develops over time, catching it early is the key to preventing it from causing problems in other areas of the body.

Experts warn that gum disease can lead to serious health conditions such as infections, sepsis, cancer, heart attack and stroke, and a recent study connected periodontitis with severe COVID- 19 complications. The study looked at 568 COVID patients and found that the ones with severe periodontal disease were at much higher risk of being hospitalized or dying.

Signs of gum and periodontal disease include bad breath, red or puffy gums, teeth that are moving, or changes of colouration in your gums and teeth. If you have these symptoms, it’s important to make an appointment with your dentist right away.

We know you’ve been staying home to stay safe and healthy during this time. However, keeping on top of your regular dental care is a safe way to take care of your health during the pandemic.